Ordering Info/Return Policies

Thank you for checking out Sparkle Pop Paper planners. If you have ordered a teacher planner in the past, you will find that this process looks a lot different than usual! I am very excited to integrate Lulu Direct, a print-on-demand service, to allow a more streamlined ordering process.


I am pleased to offer the same great planners I have offered over the last few years. These planners have been refined and revised based on teacher suggestions to be functional and fun. 

You will find planners identified as MONTHLY or WEEKLY planners. All planners have the same "teacher pages," such as meeting notes, checklists, family contact documentation, and many more.

MONTHLY planners have two-page spreads for the months + one set of note pages for each month.

WEEKLY planners have the same month pages and a two-page spread for each week, allowing you to use the planner for detailed lesson plans if you choose.

Please note that planners are available with school calendars for certain school districts in the CSRA (GA/SC). If your district is not listed or you do not want any of the dates, select GENERIC.


I am offering customizations for a limited time (orders close June 7th or after 50 custom orders). You can reserve a slot for customization by purchasing here.


Please note that this process is print-on-demand! Your order is being printed and shipped by Lulu, which means it will go straight from the printer to your mailbox. Therefore, there is no "local pickup" this year, but you will receive your planner in approximately two weeks based on your selected production/shipping speed.


You have 24 hours to cancel an order before it goes to production.

Because items are printed on demand, I cannot accept returns. If there is a manufacturing defect, please contact me so we can navigate getting a replacement copy through Lulu.