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Writing Journal - Word Count + Day Planner

Writing Journal - Word Count + Day Planner

This writing journal melds word count tracking with a daily to-do list. If you're a working author, you know the challenge of wearing so many hats: creative writer, marketer, designer, cat wrangler, procrastinator....

(Maybe that last one is just me...)

Designed by a fulltime novelist - and planner nerd - this journal is no-nonsense, all practical. Each page is a full day's tasks. Half the page allows you to track your writing goals, including your starting word count, target word count, and progress throughout the day. (You'll also find a small scratch area where you can remind yourself to finally look up the heroine's older brother's eye color!)

The bottom half of each page gives you a space to track your Top 3 tasks, marketing tasks, and scratch space for miscellaneous notes. 

There's also several pages of overall project trackers where you can set deadlines for your manuscript, as well as some notes pages for your "brain glitter." (AKA, the brain dump, but we all know our brains are full of glitter, darnit!)

This planner is printed on 60# (24 lb) uncoated paper, which is a popular choice for journals and notebooks. Covers are printed on 100 lb laminated cover stock.

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